Introduction to Welding-General Public

HS Student Fillet weld
The course is intended as an introduction to help individuals understand the differences in the process, basic settings and resources for additional learning.
We will perform GTAW(TIG), GMAW(MIG) and SMAW(STick) as a group and discuss various characteristics of the processes. After group welding, individuals will practice welding with MIG and/or Stick. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about other aspects of welding as time and space permits. This course is not intended to help you gain employment as a welder but may help you decide if this is a skill you may want to develop with future training.
This course is not intended for experienced welders, however any experience level is welcome. If you have existing skills and would like help with something specific, contact us before registering. 

A minimum of 8 participants is required and a maximum of 11. A parent and child may register but will be required to work together. 
Cost: $150.00 for ten hours of training. (Two Saturdays).
Equipment: We will have welding helmets, jackets, and gloves available. Safety Glasses may be available however it is suggested you have your own.

About the instructor: I have over 40 years in the welding industry and greatly enjoy sharing this skill with anyone who is interested. I would love to introduce you to welding or help you with current skills. I am the current instructor at the Greene Technology Center Welding Program and an American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector. 
Students may contact the instructor about bringing their own welding machine in if assistance is needed in how it is operated.

If you have any questions, contact me at [email protected] or by cell (text preferred) at 423-914-1481.