AWS Certified Welder Testing Details

The AWS Certified Welder Program was developed by The American Welding Society. AWS Standards QC4 and QC7 provide the requirements for the program. Our organization here at the Greene Technology Center has met the requirements for accreditation as an AWS Accredited Test Facility.
As of 1 Aug 2021, we are the only such facility open to the public in the state of Tennessee and one of very few High Schools having this accreditation. 
This is a question that has been discussed numerous time but in its simplest form, the term certified welder means a welder has been certified to meet the requirements of a specific code/standard/specification to make a certain type of weld using a certain process. The term AWS certified welder implies someone who has met possibly the very same requirements EXCEPT. they did so under the direction and supervision of an AWS Accredited Test Facility and the requirements of AWS QC4 and AWS QC7. 
For information on the "AWS Level" related to the AWS Certified Welder Program, take a look at thee FAQ's at 
For a little more information including some opinion, please see the article at 
The term AWS Certified Welder seems like a great credential to have just by the sound of it. And in some cases, it is. In my opinion, the skill to pass a certification test is always more valuable than a document saying you did. That being said, here are some advantages.
  • You will be entered in the AWS National Registry of AWS Certified Welders which will allow your number to be "looked up" and information on what specific qualifications you have been certified to have met. 
  • The term sounds pretty cool
  • This is a preferred credential in many states for industry recognized credentials for HS students.
  • Some industries and locations require this. They are few, but they exist.
  • Many companies always test their welders however this is good evidence that at least once, you exhibited skill meeting some specific requirements. (Understand that some "certifications" require much less skill than others) 
There can be other benefits too but this gets you started. Make sure you take a look at what it does NOT do. 
  • Show that you have skill better than someone who is NOT AWS Certified.
  • Show that you can do a good job on production welds.
  • Make companies search you out because of you credential.
  • Eliminate the need for you to test when applying for a job. 
  • indicate you have any theory knowledge about welding. There is no written component to see what level of knowledge you have about what you are doing. 
If you are interested we can help you out. We can perform welder testing at our facility in Greeneville during hours that will not interfere with High School Classes (After 2:30 PM and On Saturdays).
We can perform testing using our WPS's (Welding Procedure Specifications) or yours provided they meet all of the requirements for the applicable code. 
Tests start as low as $200 and go up from there depending on your need. 
For the Public and Business/Industry the following rates apply. 
AWS D1.1 SMAW, GMAW, and/or FCAW
  • 3/8" (Limited Thickness with Backing) Single Position $225.00 + $60 AWS Registration if you pass. (1-1/2 HR Time Limit)
  • 3/8" (Limited Thickness with Backing) 3G and 4G Position $350.00 + $60 AWS Registration if you pass.(3 HR time Limit
  • 1" (Unlimited Thickness with Backing) Single Position $300.00 + $60 AWS Registration if you pass. (2 HR Time Limit)
  • 1" (Limited Thickness with Backing) 3G and 4G Position $425.00 + $60 AWS Registration if you pass.(4 HR time Limit
ASME Sec IX Testing is also available. Contact for pricing.
We can help you with that. That is one of our primary goals is to help students gain some recognized credentials and also those schools that have those students. 
We offer reduced fees for some tests and we can test students at your location or at our school. The "AWS Certified Welder" is a "Preferred" credential in Tennessee. We can help you.