Spring 2021 Welding is coming.

Our year has been different so far. Hopefully we are all a little more prepared for the issues related to learning during the Covid situation. 
Hands on practice time is the most valuable skill you can develop related to welding. This requires us to meet together. Because of reduced face to face time, this may not be an ideal semester to take welding but we will make the best of it.
We are starting out on a hybrid schedule which reduces your shop time by a considerable amount. Hopefully this will not be the case all semester. For city school students last semester, it did. Those students only received about 40% of the normal welding time.  This may be something to consider as you go through the 1st week thinking about schedule changes and the most efficient use of your electives credits that can be used. 
For 1st time students, we will focus on Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW/MIG) as the primary process. There will be theory work to be completed including safety training and welding theory. Returning students will review what they have done in the past and we will move forward from there. 
If you want to sample what you are going to have to put up with, here are a few videos. 
I am looking forward to meeting new students and seeing past students. Regardless of our "changes", we will get better at learning and teaching together!