Greene Technology Center Welding Program

Welcome to the page for the Greeneville City Schools, Greene Technology Center Welding Program.
Our program is intended to help students develop introductory and intermediate welding skills using a variety of welding processes. We can provide training for interested students starting as early as the 9th grade. Expand one of the items to read a little more. 
Welding in process
Welding is a developed skill requiring hand eye coordination. This coordination is developed by building muscle memory. This skill can only be applied if there is also a basic understanding of theoretical topics related to welding processes, electricity, physics, and some other knowledge.. 
These classes are intended to build those skills and knowledge. There will be shop time, a little classroom time, and possibly HOMEWORK.
This is not a class that all will do well in. It is a skill that is built and developed based upon practice, interest, and desire. Some will do well, some will not. Below are pictures of two groups of welds made by students with the same amount of class time. Some have done well, some have not. These welds are graded and sorted often as a "contest" . There are winners and there are losers! Remember this though, the skill demonstrated on the less appealing welds is still something most of the world cannot do. Its about progress and not perfection.
If you have any questions, contact GTC!
Have a great day!
Good Welds
Not So good welds